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Learn the Common Causes

Learn the Common Causes and Methods to Control Excessive Sweating

Sweat – Why is that people have to sweat? Let me tell you, sweating is
a natural phenomena as everyone has sweat glands which secrete the salty liquid. It's an important phenomena that keeps our body cool. Each one has more than a million sweat glands and the intensity of sweat differs with each person depending on the number of
sweat glands. We naturally believe men have
more sweat glands as they sweat often profusely. In reality it's vice-versa – women have more sweat glands yet man's glands are more active.

On what occasion do we sweat or sweat more? It's when people are hot, or
excited, nervous and anxious. While sweating is normal, at times precaution is needed. You might need to visit doctor right away, if you
experience excessive sweating along with weight loss, fever, shortness of breath etc.

Excessive sweating could also point to underlying medical problems like hyperthyroidism or just menopause. However, if you are experiencing excessive
sweating, consuming liquids often is crucial. This way you could replenish the fluids lost by way of sweating.

Other common reasons could be one of the below. Anyways, it's not a condition that cannot be improved. There are many steps
one can take to reduce excessive sweating.

Causes of Sweating:

- caffeine intake
- alcohol (including withdrawal of)
- anxiety
- infection, fever
- low blood sugar
- overactive thyroids
- menopause

The most common causes of sweating are the ones mentioned above. If none of the above reasons point to
you, you could also be having Hyperhydrosis. Anyways, this is nothing complicated and just indicates over working sweat glands. It's important to consult a doctor to identify the problem.

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Increase Profits by Focusing on Your Ideal Customer

Targeting your customers is vital to your online success. Increase your web profits by focusing on prospects who are likely to buy your products or services. Ask the following questions to find out who your ideal customers are and what they want:

After finding out who your ideal customers are and what they want, target the content and design of your promotional materials and web site directly to them.

Attract your target audience with a benefit-oriented headline. Tell right away what your web site is about and what's in it for them.

Example: "Authors and Web Entrepreneurs – Write a Profitable Ebook in Less Than 30 Days. Book coach tells you how ."

Make your text large for seniors. Use a conservative design for accountants. Make your design colorful for children. Avoid movies, sounds, and animation if your customers have slow computers and Internet connections.

Are your sales materials and web site targeted to your ideal customers? If they're not, revise them. It will dramatically increase your profits.

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How to Squat High Bar Back Squats



High Bar Back Squats


  1. Setup under the center of the bar with it resting on your upper traps
  2. Place your hands wide on the bar, squeeze your back tight as you pull your hands toward the center as far as you can
  3. Lock hands on bar with very tight grip
  4. Rotate elbows down (facing the ground) and straighten the wrists
  5. Take a deep breath, hold it
  6. Unrack bar and step backward, getting into your stance with as minimal steps as possible
  7. Feet should be approximately shoulder width apart with toes pointed outward at a comfortable angle for your body type, typically any where from 10 – 45 degree angle
  8. Let air out, and reset air pulling chest upward and ensuring elbows are facing down, head should remain forward to slightly up
  9. With weight on the middle of your feet (not toes) shift hips backward
  10. As the hips move backward, drop down into the hole maintaining an upright torso position tracking the knees over your toes (imagine there is a string attached to your chest keeping it up and facing forward)
  11. Descend until you reach the bottom position (as far as you can go)
  12. Still holding your air, drive upward out of the hole locking the hips forward at the peak with a powerful glute contraction.
  13. Repeat steps 4-12.

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Happy Aquarium Anyone?

It's been a long time since I sat down in front of the first Facebook game I played. I think it was YoVille – back a year or two ago, when everyone kind of joked behind your back when you played these games. Fast Forward to today and everyone is playing at least one of the dozens of Facebook games on the market. My newest love is Happy Aquarium, the original aquarium game from CrowdStar that lets you raise and sell your fish for a nice profit.
There are a lot of clones now, but this one is still my favorite because it focuses more intently on things like getting your fish to learn tricks, mate, and grow familiar with you, the owner. I like the sense of camaraderie there – of controlling your fish tank and having pets instead of commodities. That doesn't mean you don't sell your fish off just as frequently, but at least you get to have some fun with them first (and they look so cute).
It's a pretty simple game too, as long as you don't want too much out of it. For the first month or so, I was happy to just login each day and swap my fish, train each of them and mate those that could. It was fun and I got to go and see how everyone else had set up their tanks. But, then I started wanting to get some higher level content and I wasn't making enough coins.
That's when I checked out Happy Aquarium Secrets – the new guide for Happy Aquarium that was released pretty recently by Tony Sanders. It shows the direct route to setting up the right tanks, how to choose fish, how to manage your XP, coins, and pearls, and how to spend what little time you have if you're on a schedule. Basically, if you're playing this game even remotely more than casually, you should check out this guide. It does a stupendous job making your life easier.

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Frequent Causes for Excessive Sweating & Ways to Control Excessive Sweating

Why do people sweat? To start-with, sweating is normal as everyone have sweat glands that secrete salty fluid. It's a process that keeps us cool. In fact, the intensity of sweat varies with person
depending on the number of sweat glads, each one of us have more than a million. We naturally believe men have
more sweat glands as they sweat often profusely. In reality it's vice-versa – women have more sweat glands yet man's glands are more active.

Do you know when we sweat? Usually people sweat when they are hot, or excited, nervous and anxious. Though sweating is a natural phenomena,
sometimes it needs attention. That's when, excessive sweating also comes with weight loss, fever, shortness of breath etc and might need immediate medical assistance.

Excessive sweating could indicate menopause, or even hyperthyroidism. If you sweat profusely, intake of liquids very often is important. This way you could replenish the fluids lost by way of sweating.

Other common reasons could be one of the below. Anyways, it's not a condition that cannot be improved. There are several steps that could control excessive sweating.

Sweating – Primary Causes:

- caffeine
- alcohol consumption or withdrawal
- anxiety
- infection, fever
- low blood sugar
- overactive thyroids
- menopause

These are the main causes of sweating. Hyperhydrosis is a possibility if none of the above reasons point to you. There is nothing to worry with this, as it just means the sweat glands are hyper
active. If you consult a doctor and get diagnosed it would be more than enough.

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Flatter Your Figure: Shopping Tips For Ladies Plus Size Swimwear

Today ladies plus size fashions have come a long way with more exciting choices and selections than in the past. Exotic prints, stripes, solid colors, delicate prints – the sky is the limit today when choosing plus size swimwear fashions.

Fortunately online shopping brings you more selection and convenience than ever before so you can easily find that perfect swimsuit.

Here are ten tips to keep in mind when shopping for the most flattering, and comfortable swimwear styles:

1. For shorter bodies try vertical stripes, this can visually add length to your body

2. Enhance the length of your legs with a high cut thigh

3. Look for solid chest support with under wires and padding

4. For a one piece suit, pay attention to the body length. You want a comfortable fit, too short and you will find the suit digging into your shoulders

5. Look for wide shoulder straps–they provide more support and comfort

6. Dark colors such as black have a nice, slimming effect

7. For larger tummies, try a two piece tankini–they are fashionable, comfy and fun!

8. Look for swimsuit styles that offer extra tummy control

9. Try skirted bottoms to camouflage heavy thighs and bottoms

10. Pareo wraps and sarongs not only cover problems areas, they are also quite stylish

Two key features to look for when shopping for swimwear is size and comfort. You will want to choose a size that best fits you. If your swimsuit is a size too small, bulges will show.

If you plan on being active in your swimwear, such as participating in water sports, a one piece suit or a fitted tankini are popular choices.


Facebook Games Are Eating My Schedule – Seriously

I can't tell you how many hours of my life I have lost in the last few months by playing Facebook games. There's FarmVille, Mafia Wars, Restaurant City, and the most recent culprit, Happy Aquarium. I'm not complaining of course – I have a lot of fun with these games and they take so little effort or energy to play. After a long day of work, it's nice to sit back and just click some buttons absent-mindedly. But, just because I have fun with them, doesn't mean I want to stand around and play them half as well as I could and waste a bunch of time.
So, when I saw the Happy Aquarium Secrets website the other day, I stopped what I was doing and checked the guide out. It turns out that this guide, which was just released by the mega-guru guide writer, Tony Sanders, is exactly what I was looking for (and didn't even know it).
Whereas before I was very intently focused on playing the game as much as possible, I eventually wanted to start playing it as well as possible. If I could get the same tasks done faster, why not do it? I could then spend time playing other games or watching TV or talking with my family a bit longer than just through dinner.
Happy Aquarium Secrets made it easy to focus on the game more intently by showing me multiple ways to manage my fish with special training and mating tips, charts for the selection of the right fish that matched my schedule, and the best way to set up my tanks so that I made more coins without having to worry about dead fish or missed opportunities.
In short, Happy Aquarium Secrets turned my casual hobby into a hardcore endeavor and I'm having a blast because of it. If you're anywhere near the same boat as me, check out Happy Aquarium Secrets and see what it can do for you.

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Electric Car Conversion Kit

Gas prices are believed to rise be around $7 per gallon by the end of next year. Many people will not be able to afford gasoline at all! So What Can We Do About It? You can convert your car to an electric car.

 It will be an advantage for you to get an electric car conversion kit.

It is not very difficult to find a vehicle that you can convert. A very good option for a conversion is a small truck since it has a bigger space to store batteries. You may also consider a small car for this project.

Now you have the car, you now need to find space for your project. You can use your garage or your driveway.  You will need to have some basic tools that could maybe be found inside your garage or an auto shop. You may have to spend a good amount of time but still; it is a very manageable project.

Now, you may think that it will be hard for you to perform this project. Even if you are not a trained auto mechanic, you can still convert your cars into electric cars with some detailed plans that are available in the Internet or in your local bookshops.

Of course, in this project, you have to spend some hundreds of dollars but the output will be very useful for you. Electric cars have minimum maintenance requirements. Your car will also increase the distance that it may travel, thus lowering your long-term costs. You will not have to worry about spending money on gasoline and you may minimize pollution, too.

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Do You Have All the WoW Tools You Need?

naWith today's post, I want to show you exactly what it is you should be using to master your World of Warcraft gaming experience. I get a lot of requests for this kind of checklist, so I wanted to put it all together in a short, easy to ready guide.

What You Need

To start with, you had better have a good computer. Lag, poor resolution, and heat prone laptops are all bad for WoW. You need the top performance around if you want to do well in this game, especially in raiding and PvP. Next up, you'd better spend some time developing the tools you'll need to get through the game.

That means a whole lot of add-ons. If you're an auction house user, get yourself Auctioneer and Auctionator. Add Postal for easy mailbox access. Boost your class with the specific class add-ons you need for your character, and get the tools you'll need for your raiding experience and PvP in the form of TitanPanel and CT_Mod. These are all great ways to boost your overall experience when you use the game's many different interface options.

The Guides

Finally, there are people who want to know if they need a good guide to get to Level 80 and beyond. Personally, I say it's up to you and what you specifically want for your character. There are plenty of good gold guides, levelling guides, and PvP strategies out there to help you level up. However, if you're even remotely serious about getting to the top, you'll want one of the high end all-in-one guides like Warcraft Blueprint – complete with levelling guides, gold, PvP, and class information.


Cottage Cabin design-Class and Elegance

Going back to the old days, a cottage cabin design is normally a small cabin, which is only good for a vacation home. Nowadays is very different. The structure is much bigger and wider. Its main function is not for a vacation home anymore but it becomes more of a primary dwelling.

Many people in this generation prefer cottage cabin design because of its class and elegance. The exterior of the structure is very pleasing. Its architectural style is truly a piece of art. If you want an edgy cabin, then this type of structure is flawless for you.

Cottage cabin plan can be found anywhere at this moment. You do not know which plan is accurate and precise. To avoid getting sub standard plan, you need to research first the company where you are going to buy the plan. Investigating the integrity and reputation of the company is important especially if you want to be sure that what you are acquiring is good quality.

After getting a good set of plan, the next step that you are going to do is to build the structure. Constructing this type of structure is easy to do. If you were able to hold a carpentry tool before, I am sure that you could construct the structure completely.

You can hire expert homebuilder to do the work; this is a good option especially when your knowledge in carpentry is limited. However, if you are a skillful carpenter, then there is no need for you to hire someone else for you can build the cottage cabin design by yourself.

If you were addicted to cabin or just simply loves cabin, then learning and constructing a cottage cabin would be interesting. This is the right time for you to do it.

Download 15 bunkhouse and small cabin plans

Battlefield 3 Guide – Why You Need A Good BF3 Guide?

If you want to have the edge in Battlefield 3 then you need to consider getting some good tuition! It is the same as with anything. If you want to play the guitar you need lessons right? Well the world of FPS (First person shooters) can be a dangerous one especially online.
If you don't know what you are doing you will get killed a lot, shouted at a lot on multiplayer and the main thing is that you will not have that much fun.
So Can You Be Good At Battlefield 3?
Yes, you can!
There is a common misconception that to be good at the game you will have to put hours and hours into perfecting your skills. While this is true in part, you will need practice you might not need as much as you think!
There is a guide that has been released that is getting some awesome feedback and it claims to take you from a "noob" to a pro Battlefield 3 gamer fast!
Basically the guide which is called BF3 Dominator takes you through all aspects of gameplay and includes a full campaign walkthrough for the game on single player and multiplayer. As well as that you also get a full multiplayer guide that will take you through the maps and the strategies that you need to start winning.
The thing we liked about the guide is of course the multiplayer section and it has HD videos that if you watch through will improve your aim, reflexes and tactics as you learn how to dominate Battlefield 3!
If you want to start winning you need to check out this guide today:


10 Weeks Out and Getting Stronger!

It's 10 weeks out from the first contest of the 2011 season, the FLEX Pro!! This has been the best week of training yet. Every workout was pushing new limits. My strength continues to go up, and Charles Glass and I are really seeing eye to eye on every aspect of every workout. Loving it! I am particularly seeing great benefits in my bicep training and my overall back development. The man is truly the master when it comes to finding what needs to be corrected and finding the right exercises and angles to do it. The one thing I enjoyed about this week was the meshing together of the "Glass Style" workouts and the "Pak Style" workouts. Nothing is more rewarding to me than leaving that gym knowing that I got my ass kicked and am primed for growth! Current training split: Day 1- am: back pm: hamstrings Day 2- am: Chest pm : Biceps Day 3- Quads Day 4- Shoulders Day 5- Back (and hamstrings at night every other week) Day 6-Arms Depending on the week, I may do 6 days in a row. Some weeks I may take a day off in the middle (after legs), depending on how I feel. If I do take the day off mid week, arms would then come after the off day and shoulders get pushed back. That's it for now, time to eat and grow!

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Adobe Photoshop Environment

In the following tutorial you will learn about the overall scope of Adobe Photoshop CS3.This program is used mostly to manipulate images. People that do web development, graphic design, and photography will probably prefer the use of this program to edit their images. Once you have grasped this basic knowledge of the software, you will be able to dive into Adobe Photoshop and quite possibly Adobe Fireworks, which works in a similar way. Adobe Fireworks is just a little simpler and has less features. Adobe Fireworks was originated as Macromedia Fireworks. Enough of the chit-chat, lets get down to business!

When you first enter the Adobe Photoshop environment you will see a plethora of features and plug-ins to mess with. Fortunately, with a little training from me you won't have to be confused by these things. Go to the top left of the screen and select file/new.Now you should see the picture above. This is the basic variables that you are able to change when you start a new file. You can change the name of Photoshop document to whatever you please. This is best suited when you are trying to organize stuff during your Adobe Photoshop training sessions on the web. The preset window lets you select what type of paper size, resolution, and color mode that you would like to have to start out with. Of course most will just go with custom so that they can personalize their specific project. Most of the time, the project you are working on won't fit into a category. Adobe has specifically put custom as the first on the list because of this fact. For today session, let's change the preset to Web.

Following these steps will present you with a black window with the name of the file, percent of the resolution it is viewing at, and the color mode you have chosen at the top of the window.

From here we can learn about what some of the things you see on the left and right of the screen are. We will start on the left side of the screen because this is the first thing you should learn when you starting to make and edit images in Adobe Photoshop. I am using Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended, which has some extra features. I will go over these briefly to educate you. The first on the top left is the "move tool" It is an icon that has a cursor and crosshair on it. You can use this tool to move objects on the screen around to your liking.

The next tool is the rectangular Marquee tool. You can also just use this tool to make squares around areas in an image to cut them out easily. You can use that feature to cut out a piece of a picture and paste it somewhere else. I personally use this image a lot when I am working on images for my website or editing my digital photos.

This tool has four variations to it. Two of them are relatively new and you may know them or not. The second variation is the Elliptical Marquee tool that allows you to trace circles. The third is the Single Row Marquee tool. The fourth is the Single Column Marquee tool. These are great when you want to slice out the image of an excel spreadsheet and only post that specific data too an audience. It is most likely it will end up looking like an "L" shape and you will be able to write information around the image within a website. This is very useful for website designers with the proper knowledge of Adobe software products.

Next up is the Lasso tool. This tool allows you to highlight an image that you have made in an image or an image you have opened in Adobe Photoshop. This marquee tool likes to have smooth hard edges to follow. If you a photograph that doesn't have a easy to follow edge around objects you will find it hard to use this tool. You have probably seen this when people cut their heads out of a picture and paste it onto somebody else's body. It is a very funny feature and this is the tool that does it!

The lasso tool has three different variations. The second version is the Polygonal Lasso tool. This tool can make different shapes and curves when tracing around or cutting out a piece of an image. The third variation is the Magnetic Lasso tool that only works on images that have defined edges. The tool will clamp onto an edge and give it anchor points to shape the corners. This is good when you don't have that steady hand you used to have back in high school. I use this myself because I am not the man I used to be!

The next up is the crop tool. This feature does exactly what is says. It is like a marquee tool except it is made specifically for cutting square pieces out of images. That is pretty much all it does. However, this simple feature is used quite often to developed website images.

The next up is the Slice tool. This tool allows you to slice an image into smaller pieces. This is usually used in web design with the use of tables to display formatting on a webpage.

The next in line is a list of four tools that provide ways for the user to fix problems in images. The Spot Healing Brush tool first appeared in Adobe Elements 3. It was implemented into Adobe Photoshop CS2 after that. This tool allows you to fix areas of an image by replacing or blending the colors in an area so that it is like growing a new piece of skin over a bad rash. The Healing Brush tool allows you to fix problems in the image by sampling the surrounding area around the problem and trying to replicate the pattern in the area that is problematic. The patch tool is pretty much a mix of the Healing Brush and the Lasso tool. It is allows you to highlight the area that is scratched or empty and sample the surrounding area to fix the problem. Lastly, the Redeye tool allows you to select the common problem of red eyes and correct them with sampling a piece of the black pupil area and replacing the red eye with the natural pupil color. This is a widely used tool by many consumers.

The next tools are made for painting on the canvas freestyle. The first one of them is the Brush tool. The Brush tool is an old favorite for people that want to free hand draw things like they had a brush which they can decrease and increase the size of the contact point. You can also change the hardness of the stroke as well. This will show differences in contrast. The Pencil tool is just like a real pencil with some added tricks. The modes can give you complete freedom or help you make straight lines when you are trying to make objects. The last one is the Color Replacement tool. This handy tool allows you to select a color scheme on an image and replace it with something else. Unlike the bucket tool that will cover the complete area, this tool will allow you to draw in the replacement by hand as if you had a brush. Let's say if you had a blue cup in a picture. You can sample the blue color and decide to make it green. Then you just draw over the area of the cup and anything that is of the sampled color will turn green!

The stamp tools are a very nice addition to the Adobe Photoshop regime for photographers. Specifically it is great for editors that write tabloids and want to doctor the pictures. With the Clone Stamp tool they will be able to edit out an area of a picture and make it look like it was never there. They can do this by sampling the area around the object they want to not be there and adding it into the portion of the picture they want it too be in. The Pattern Stamp tool allows you to stamp a specific pattern at your desired brush hardness onto an image to make something unique. Like you can take a brick wall patter and make a complete building.

The History brush tool and the Art History brush tool are unique and sometimes overlooked. You can use the History Brush tool to restore the original image in only just section or part of an image. It is usually used when you take a color picture to black and white and then convert a part of it back to color. It's kind of like finding a dusty painting and then wiping it off to see the beauty that it holds underneath. It is a true treasure for the graphic designer or photographer that uses Adobe software product regularly. The Art History Brush tool allows you to copy the texture of an image through the use of art specific styles. Unlike the History Brush tool the Art History Brush tool takes the data from the image and creates something new out of it. It allows you to put a different style of art to an image without it losing its originality.

The next feature is the three types of Eraser tools. The most basic is the Eraser tool itself. You can change the size of the area that the eraser returns to the original background. The Background Eraser Tool does exactly what it states. It is able to erase the background without any use of changing layers. Once you have done this you can add in colors to make a new background at will. The Magic Eraser tool acts like the Magic Wand tool. It will erase an area based how it is clicked and verified.

The next up on the list is the Gradient tool and the Paint Bucket tool. These are old favorites from the long line of Adobe Photoshop releases. However, for all the new Adobe Photoshop CS users out there these items are something that may not be so familiar after searching through the web for image editing software. The Gradient tool provides the user the ability to make colors stretch in all directions from high to low in intensity. It is similar to the way you would view the sunset as the colors transition from light to dark. You can also use this feature to apply to certain types of patterns and textures. These features are also available Macromedia and Adobe Fireworks. The Paint Bucket tool is capable of filling in a space or a space inside of the Magic Wand tool to a certain color, patter, texture, or stamp. This is used as a quick way to change colors in a predefined area.

The following set of tools previously were found in another section of Adobe Photoshop, but are now offered conveniently on the left side of the menu. All three of these do pretty much what they say they do. I will still give you a brief explanation of their capabilities though. The first of them is the Blur tool. The Blur tool blurs the area where you paint. The Sharpen tool increases the contrast in the areas you paint. The Smudge tool blends the pixels where you paint. This is similar to when you drag something through wet paint that has various colors.

Oddly enough, three more features that were previously hidden to the human eye are now available for you to view on the left menu. This time though the names have almost nothing to do with what they do. First up is the Dodge tool. This tool lightens an area on the image. The Burn tool darkens an area on the image and the Sponge tool changes the level of saturation on an area in the image. These all have their special purposes that you will come to find out about. Burn and Dodge are usually used for making shadows or erasing shadows.

The next feature has a wide array of variations to it. This feature is the Pen tool. The pen tool allows users to create paths, curves, and anchor points to move lines around in weird shapes without the use of freehand drawing. Ironically enough, this leads to the rest of the tools. The next is the Freeform Pen tool. Unlike the pen tool that automatically makes anchor points where you draw, the Freeform Pen tool lets you draw as if you really had a pen. After you have used either of the tools you can use the next feature, which is the Add Anchor Point tool to create anchor points for new lines or freeform drawing. This helps when you want to attach a line to another line that has already been drawing without overlapping incorrectly. The Delete Anchor Point tool gives you the ability to delete an anchor point that you are not satisfied with. The Convert Point tool changes vector shape masks and paths. This allows different types of anchor points to connect to each other even if they are composed of different types of corners.

The next tools are the Type tools. They specifically describe the Horizontal Type tool and the Vertical Type tool. These pertain to the angle that you are able to write in (Horizontal or Vertical). Unfortunately, when you use this you must turn it into a bitmap and that makes it non-editable after you are finished. The Horizontal and Vertical Type Mask tool allows you to write with text that is filled with a patter or an image as the font color. It can be a nice addition if you are writing against an odd background.

The Path Selection tool and the Direct Selection tool are both used for paths. The Path Selection tool will allow you to select a path component even if it is surrounded by many different paths. The Direct Selection tool will only select a segment of a path. This is a way to reshape a segment to a different path after it has been created and saved.

The following tools are some of my personal favorites. I have started one too many images with these objects. If you look at my website you can see almost exactly where I started when I created it. The first of these is the Rectangle tool that makes a rectangle of various sizes. The Rounded Rectangle tool makes rectangles that are rounded. I used to use this exclusively in Macromedia Fireworks before I purchased the Adobe CS series. The Ellipse tool allows you to make seemingly perfect circles. The Polygon tool allows you to make polygons. The Line tool makes lines with anchor points at the end so that they can be managed by the Pen tool if you want to get fancy.

Below these more popular features are some cool features that you may or may not find interesting. I believe these have been in all the Adobe CS releases, but I am not sure about the Macromedia MX series. The first up is the Notes tool that allows you to add small notes to your images in the background. Also there is an Audio Annotation tool that allows you to add verbal notes to an image.

The tools described below are a set of useful features that you may find useful in addition to some of the other options. I believe some of these tools are used in conjunction with the other tools. However, this makes it a little simpler if you want to do it the old fashioned way. First is the Eyedropper tool that helps sample color from an area. The Eyedropper tool is pretty basic though. The Color Sampler tool has a few more features that allow you to gather the color data from any layer without calling that layer. You can see levels of gradient or replace colors and shapes back to an image. The Ruler tool helps you measure things inside of an image if you are trying to be precise about how you do things. This helps if you are a web developer and you are trying to make every symmetrical and in order. I personally try to do this sometimes and have to slap myself. I like to be organized myself, but I don't want my websites to look so fine tuned that they would be passed up as not being original. The Count tool helps you count.

The Hand tool is used to move objects that are in a layer in anyway that you would like that is 2d in fashion.

The Zoom tool helps you zoom in on a picture or object so you can do fine tuning.

The Default Foreground and Background Colors tool lets you return back to black and white when you have gone totally out of whack with you colors you are thinking you are in the 1960s!

The Switch Foreground and Background Color tool lets you switch the colors you using at will. It is almost like have a painters tablet to hold your saved colors on.

I forgot to mention that each of these features has its sub-features displayed at the top of the program when you click on them. You have probably noticed by now though. By now you have gained enough knowledge of the Adobe Photoshop CS3 basic features to jump in and start creating your own stuff. You will be able to find further information on each of these features in use with illustrations soon. I can tell you this because I am writing them right now. I believe the visitor will take from you if they can look at one person and know what type of information he is giving rather than it coming from a million different people that may or may not know how to effectively write information to people. Please check back often to view further updates to the website and even more great tutorials in various disciplines in Adobe Software.

Some of you may be looking for even further guidance or special programs that will help you through every step of the process. I would love to be there standing behind you pointing to everything you need to do, but that is just not feasible….. yet! However, my website has a growing amount of unique content written by yours truly and not randomly dispersed from random websites where you are not sure of the credibility of the author or not. The complete tutorial with picture of this tutorial is available at my webpage below. Remember, you can unlock the Adobe Guru in you!

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Adobe Photoshop has strong connections with other Adobe software for media editing, animation, and authoring. Files in Photoshop's originating format, .PSD, can be exported to and from Adobe ImageReady, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Adobe Encore DVD to make professional grade DVDs and make available non-linear editing and special effects services, such as backgrounds, textures, etc, for the Web, film, and television. Photoshop CS largely supports making menus and buttons for DVDs as one such example. Adobe Encore DVD can read as buttons or menus those .PSD files exported as buttons or menus also, needing only layers, nested in layer sets with a cuing format.

Photoshop can utilize the color models RGB, lab, CMYK, grayscale, binary bitmap, and duotone. It has the ability to read and write raster and vector image formats such as: .EPS, .PNG, .GIF, .JPEG, Fireworks, etc. Photoshop also has several native file formats:

• The .PSD (Photoshop Document) format holds an image while supporting most imaging options available in Photoshop. These include layers with masks, color spaces, ICC profiles, transparency, text, alpha channels and spot colors, Clipping paths, and duotone settings. This is different to many other file formats (e.g. .EPS or .GIF) that restrict content to provide streamlined, predictable functionality. Photoshop's positive reputation means that the .PSD format is widely used, and it is supported to some extent by most competing software.

• The .PSB (Large Document Format) format is a newer version of .PSD designed for files over 2 gigabytes. The .PDD (PhotoDeluxe Document) format is a version of .PSD that only supports the features found in the discontinued PhotoDeluxe software.

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Affiliate Marketing 101

Affiliate marketing programs are a great way to get income for your website, and a great introduction to e-commerce. The more people that drop by your website, the great your chance will be at creating an excellent income.

Affiliate marketing programs are where a company offers to pay you a set amount for either a click through from your website, or a set amount for visitors signing up, or even a percentage of a purchase made by visitors as a result of being referred from your website.

Even if visitors don't make a purchase immediately, almost all programs offer cookie duration, normally consisting of 30 – 90 days. What this means, is that as long as the visitors have the cookie in their cache, you'll still recieve a profit from the sale.

The biggest amount of time in maintaining your site will be searching and implementing affiliations with various companies. Even though there's a lot of money in affiliate marketing, you have to take the time to search for the best programs.

One thing that you may not be happy with, is the idea of other companies banners littering your website. If you use too many banners or links on any web page, it can confuse and help to irritate your visitors. More than one animated element on a web page can be very distracting as well.

Affiliate tracking can also be a problem. Once you have applied to become an affiliate for a company, they'll usually supply you with a personalized link or code. It's very important that you implement this code into your page correctly, or you may be sending visitors to the company without recieving any profit.

A majority of snippets in the code will contain a unique user ID, which the company uses to distinguish which site sent traffic.

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Battlefield 3′s Ingenious Concept


engaging online play. It has been mentioned that the greatness of the multiplayer slate far outweighs the single player mode and co-op action; though some may say the general story line is nonexistent and quite ordinary if not rather boring. However there are some if not limited exciting moments which can be construed as vital for the trophy collecting gamer.
Features like huge maps, great visual, terrific team play, persistent unlocks are just some of the contributing factors that keep the game plan exciting for the multiplayer. From the graphics standpoint the effects shown are phenomenal as with the sounds which are stellar and best around. For the multiplayer, the critical elements that enhance the experience from just exciting to phenomenal comes in the form of having lens flares and shadows that are jaw droopingly good, accompanied by some of the most spectacular blinding flashlight attachments and laser scopes. For most, as only to be expected the sounds of bullets whizzing past of hitting the skin is tagged as a second to none experience, while the solid dialogue that accompanies the scenes are colorful to say the least, hence the M rating. The multiplayer mayhem is certainly the highlight intended projection for making the wise choice of battlefield 3.
Accompanying all this is the battle log system which allows for the fairly accurate managing one's character and launching multiplayer games. Having the capabilities of checking the stats and inviting others to the game platform while also checking the status of the unlocks and even viewing reports on each round of play is another plus for the battlefield 3 design which is impressive indeed.



Croping and Image


The Crop Tool allows you to delete unwanted portions of an image. Please note that the Crop Tool only lets you crop rectangular selections. 1) Choose crop tool. View the original image, and select the Crop Tool from the toolbox.


2) Select area to crop. Starting in any corner, click and drag the mouse over the portion of the image you want to keep. (The portions outside of the crop marks will become gray to help you see the exact area that will be cropped.)

The crop marks can be resized using the handlebars along the "marching ants" marquee.

The entire crop marquee can be moved around over the image by placing the cursor inside the crop marks. When the cursor changes to a black arrow, the entire marquee may be moved.

3) Crop. After the marquee is the proper size and in the correct position, press Enter to crop the image.

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Do you Suffer from Excessive Sweating?

Learn the Common Causes and Methods to Control Excessive Sweating

What makes us sweat? First and foremost thing we need to accept is that, sweating is normal and everyone has sweat glands that secrete the salty liquid,
otherwise called sweat. It's a process that keeps us cool. In fact, the intensity of sweat varies with person
depending on the number of sweat glads, each one of us have more than a million. It's a common assumption that men sweat more as they are often seen to be seating profusely. Shocking yet true, women have more sweat glands though the glands in men are
more virile.

On what occasion do we sweat or sweat more? Sweating increases when we are hot, or excited, nervous and anxious. Though sweating is normal, care should be taken at times. It's when excessive sweating is accompanied by weight loss, fever, shortness of breath etc, you would need to consult
a doctor immediately.

Excessive sweating could indicate menopause, or even hyperthyroidism. If you sweat profusely, intake of liquids very often is important. It's important cause you need to replenish the fluids your body loses by way of sweating.

Other reasons might be anything from the list given below. However, it's not a problem that is not solvable. To take control of excessive sweating, there are many possible ways.

Sweating – Primary Causes:

- caffeine consumption
- alcohol (including withdrawal of)
- anxiety
- infection, fever
- low blood sugar
- overactive thyroids
- menopause

The most common causes of sweating are the ones mentioned above. You might be having Hyperhydrosis if none of the above given reasons suit you. This is
nothing more than over working sweat glands. If you consult a doctor and get diagnosed it would be more than enough.

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Excessive Sweating? Most Common Causes of Sweating and Steps to Tackle It

What makes us sweat? To start-with, sweating is normal as everyone have sweat glands that secrete salty fluid. It's an important phenomena that keeps our body cool. As a matter of fact, the number of sweat glands seem to be an important deciding factor on the intensity of sweat, while each person has more than a million. It's a common assumption that men sweat more as they are often seen to be seating profusely. Shocking yet true, women have more sweat glands though the glands in men are
more virile.

When do you sweat? It's when people are hot, or
excited, nervous and anxious. Though sweating is normal, care should be taken at times. That's when, excessive sweating also comes with weight loss, fever, shortness of breath etc and might need immediate medical assistance.

Medical conditions like
Hyperthyroidism or menopause could also result in excessive sweating. If you sweat profusely, intake of liquids very often is important. It's important cause you need to replenish the fluids your body loses by way of sweating.

The other reasons could be anything including the ones mentioned below. However, it's not a problem that is not solvable. There are several steps that could control excessive sweating.

Causes of Sweating:

- caffeine
- alcohol (including withdrawal of)
- anxiety
- infection, fever
- low blood sugar
- overactive thyroids
- menopause

These are the main causes of sweating. You might be having Hyperhydrosis if none of the above given reasons suit you. Anyways, this is nothing complicated and just indicates over working sweat glands. If you consult a doctor and get diagnosed it would be more than enough.

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Flight Games You’ll Love Tired of the same old games?

Well, then maybe it's time for you to try something new.

You don't have to look any further for them either.

What are some of those games?

It's a new type of game that many people are trying out.

They are called flight games.

There are tons of these games out there.

We took the time to check out a few and tell you which ones that we highly recommend.

Here are the ones that we checked out when it came to flight games.

The first game is put out by Microsoft.

Your jet will be flying all over the South Pacific.

You'll never tire on missions.

They have tons to choose from.

There are actually a hundred or more.

If you are a history buff, most the missions you do are based on things that have happened during history.

Most of them take place during World War II to be specific.

This is called Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 2.

Another top rated game has you flying some pretty neat air craft when it comes to these flight games.

Some of the aircraft that you will be flying include: an SU-27 Flanker and an A-10 Warthog.

You'll be the king of the skies when you play this.

Choose from over thirty different missions.

This is called Lock On: Modern Air Combat.

Yet another one is Flight Deck 2.

This one has been highly recommended by those who are addicted to these games.

Using aircraft that you will only find in the Navy, you will have it made.

While these are some of the games that have been suggested, trust us there are still more to choose from.

You will never say that you can't find the game for you.

Each is action packed and very graphic.

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How to Get Started Selling on eBay by Clint Herman

When I first looked at this manual I thought to myself, "Not again… Not another ebook on eBay." But to my surprise this eBook actually got my attention.

When I hear the words "selling on eBay", my mind took me back to the many information products I've read in the past that either didn't teach me anything, were the same rehashed products from 5 years ago or BOTH. Yeah, I wasted my time and money in the past, for sure.

However, as I sat back and read "How to Get Started Selling on eBay", to my surprise I found myself drawn into the ebook by its very straightforward content. It was so to the point and easy to follow that I found myself soaking up all the information it was providing. There's no fluff here, nothing to get in the way of teaching you exactly what you need to get set up and selling on eBay quickly and easily. What I found out was quite amazing.

I instantly learned all that I needed to know to start selling on eBay:

What to do to get set up on eBay as a seller

What I need to sell on eBay

What to do before I start selling

How to set up auctions

How to manage auctions

And so much more.

The information contained in "How to Get Started Selling on eBay" is basic and is common knowledge to many people, but it does offer in depth explanations from A to Z on how to get set up and start selling on eBay. I can say without a doubt that the content in this ebook is invaluable for those who are brand new to eBay or who are just getting started. It's one giant ebook, packed to the brim with over 100 pages of excellent content, along with tons of screenshots to help make learning a breeze. I'm sure you will return to it again and again and use it as your guide book to successful eBay selling.

Well done on a fantastic product Clint!

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How to Squat What Gear to Use


For the sake of a shorter article, I will only talk about the basics. Get a good powerlifting belt. A nice leather one will last forever if you treat it right. Whether you have a lever or a pronged buckle is up to you. I prefer the buckle. The belt will allow you to push air into your belly and drive into the belt. This will keep you tight. If haven't tried squatting this way-try it! It makes your mid section like an oak tree.arnold-squat-franco

Shoes. Now, I know every great squatter out there talks about a certain shoe as being the best. Perhaps the best advice about squat shoes came from Louie Simmons: "Don't have $100 shoes and a 10-cent squat."

Of course, there are those people out there who make a living off of selling their brand of equipment. They will tell you that they sell the best squat shoe on the market. Unless you are handling 1000-pounds on a regular basis, I would not get concerned about spending $100 on a pair of shoes. You can spend that money on something else that will help your total far better then a pair of shoes! I find I like Chuck Taylors. They are cheap, and they last a long time. I also have a nice cheap pair of Nikes I got at a Finish Line. They have a flat sole and are a little stiffer then the Chucks. Experiment and find out what works for you.

I will say this. I used a pair of Safe SST Pro Series ($160) for my squat workout a few weeks back. The head coach had a pair, so I tried them. My hips and glutes did not get half the workout they get in the flat-soled shoes. Call me crazy, but a $30 pair of Chucks works just fine.

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Increase Profits by Focusing on Your Ideal Customer

Targeting your customers is vital to your online success. Increase your web profits by focusing on prospects who are likely to buy your products or services. Ask the following questions to find out who your ideal customers are and what they want:

After finding out who your ideal customers are and what they want, target the content and design of your promotional materials and web site directly to them.

Attract your target audience with a benefit-oriented headline. Tell right away what your web site is about and what's in it for them.

Example: "Authors and Web Entrepreneurs – Write a Profitable Ebook in Less Than 30 Days. Book coach tells you how ."

Make your text large for seniors. Use a conservative design for accountants. Make your design colorful for children. Avoid movies, sounds, and animation if your customers have slow computers and Internet connections.

Are your sales materials and web site targeted to your ideal customers? If they're not, revise them. It will dramatically increase your profits.

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Kegel Magic – Get Ready For Some REAL Results! FREE PREVIEW!

If you are searching the web for exercises that will help strengthen your love muscles then you might be getting frustrated as there is not alot about on the web that will give you a good action plan to follow. Sure you can find a few forums and an exercise here and there but like everything else unless it is done correctly you will find that you get little to no results.
Well that is all about to change!
Kegel Magic has been released and it is a complete guide on how you can strengthen your love muscles and get the body back that you deserve. Alot of Women that are new or expecting mothers lose alot of confidence in the bedroom due to this problem and the main thing they say is that "They want to fell young again!".
Well you cannot blame them, but with all the misinformation on the wed it can be hard to find a clear, concise plan that works!
Well Kegel Magic is about to set the record straight!
It is a complete step by step action plan that guarantees you results in just 4 weeks!
That's right!
So why is it so effective?
Well it is not just an action plan containing exercises and as the creator Caroline Ward explains it is so effective because it is the muscles that you work on and HOW you work on them that make the difference.
There are already dozens of different gadgets and gizmo's that all promise results, but they all cost the earth as well.
You don't need them!
Kegel Magic comes with a full 2 month guarantee and will give you results in less than 4 weeks and if you are not satisfied it comes with a full guarantee as well!

Check it out through the link below and get your self confidence back today:

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My Flight Simulator Review I am a big fan of the flight simulator games.

This is the best game the gaming world has offered to its players.

It is so close to the real world that often the players get confused with the real flying and the 3D effects.

When I first played the simulator, I got so carried away with the adventure of flying, that I got confused whether I was just playing a game or was flying in reality.

If you will look at the flight simulator review, you will see that the game has not changed much over the years.

It follows the footsteps of its predecessors when it comes to core game play and makes it better with new options like: accessories, features, controls, aircrafts, sceneries, airports, etc.

to compete with other games in the gaming world.

Flight simulator review also reveals that the simulator games have been keeping up with the changes in the aviation scene.

It has become so efficient that now the aviation industry is using it for training its crew.

They give training to the new pilots as well as update the existing crew with the current techniques and developments in the aircrafts.

The flight simulator also helps the pilots to take a detailed look at the machinery, documentation and functioning of the aircrafts.

It also gives knowledge about the route and how to read the maps, keeping the directions in mind.

When I used the flight simulator for the first time, I was asked to read the instruction carefully before starting the flight which made me feel that the site are so helpful and care for the players safety.

Therefore, if you talk about my flight simulator review, I would say it is the best game ever had on the computers.

It is very entertaining and also helpful for those who wish to take flying the aircrafts as a career.

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what’s hot on the internet

As you know, we always like to keep you up-to-date with the news of what's hot on the internet and nothing is ever really hotter than Ebay – It's a massive site processing billions of dollars of business and there's always someone trying to offer you a special way of getting a slice of that pie!

Well, we've finally found something that's actually worth looking into! After a long anticipated wait someone has actually cracked the Best Match code and revealed how to beat the system to get your items listed at the very top of search results 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Think about that for a minute – That means you could be selling anything at any price and people are always going to see YOUR product.

We've seen a few people already making a lot of money using this system literally listing items from their local shops with a large profit added on. Because they are listed at the top of search results they are still managing to sell massive amounts despite selling at rip-off prices!

This really got us thinking and after further research into this new system we've got to say that it really does work! Not only that but it comes with over 100 other ebay books, guides and courses totally free of charge. It includes all the other Ebay systems and cheats you've seen advertised on the net meaning that if you buy this package you've pretty much bought EVERYTHING on how to make a fortune on Ebay. The package must be worth thousands of dollars with all the bonus items it gives away.

If you already sell on Ebay and want to boost your earnings or if you've never sold at all but want a slice of the multi billion dollar pie then we definitely advise having a little look at this package


Warts, Moles and Skin Tags – Can They Develop Into Cancer?

Skin tags pose no real danger. They will not develop into a cancerous growth. However sometimes they may be irritating especially if they are found around the collar. You may even decide to remove a skin tag for cosmetic reasons.

When one considers warts, particular attention needs to be taken in the case of genital warts, since these may be transmitted to others. Moreover sometimes genital warts may develop into a cancerous growth. Therefore if you have genital warts you should consult your physician right away.

Moles may develop into a cancerous growth. It is therefore important to take appropriate care of any changes that can occur to any mole. If you have many moles on you body it is not a bad idea to have regular checks.

Take particular attention after summer because the sun rays may make a mole develop into melanoma or cancer of the skin.

Consider any changes that you notice to any of your moles. Specifically you must consult your physician if a mole changes it's:

• Shape
• Size
• Elevation
• Color

You must also consult your physician if your mole starts to itch or the nearby skin starts to irritate you or starts to discolor.

Moreover certain moles have more probability of developing in a cancer than others. Asymmetric moles are at a more elevated risk to develop into a cancer. The same also applies to irregular moles. Further more moles with a variation of tones have also an increased risk of developing into a cancerous growth.

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The Three Things You Need to Know About Zoo World

I didn't think that I'd ever say this – but it looks like we have a real competitor for Farmville. Well, maybe not quite yet, but if the quick growth and popularity of Zoo World is any indication, you can bet that this game is about to get a whole lot bigger as it continues to draw a huge chunk of users in. That said, there are a lot of people out there who want to know what they are supposed to be doing in Zoo World. Here is what Think is most important:
1. Breeding
Breeding is the way to get things done. You can make Wildlife Points, trade the bred animals, and level up by doing it. You pretty much get everything done, and while it's super expensive to breed, it's also a lot of fun because of the ways you can create all sorts of cute little animals.
2. Your Friends
Friends are key. No surprise there – this is a Facebok game after all. However, if you're really serious about building up a solid following on Facebook in Zoo World, you'll need to develop a means of creating a following. Visit their zoos, trade with them, and help them out when they need it.
3. That Report Card Score
You need a high report card grade to get anything done in this game. That means hiring people, buying buildings, upgrading your animals, training them, and pretty much everything else. It's a juggling act, but it's a fun one.
Zoo World Secrets was released just a few days back and I can say that Sanders has quite a few good secrets up his sleeve, with plenty of coverage on these three topics and much more. If you're a recent convert to the Zoo World cult, check out what Zoo World Secrets has to offer and see if it can't help you master those dozens of animals.

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The Root of All This Talk of the Gold Cap…

It feels like I've been hearing about the gold cap for the last two years now. Some gold guide or another came out a few years back claiming to have mastered the cap and gotten there on multiple characters. At the time, players were skeptical because no one had seen it before and because Wrath was not out yet (when inflation would make it seem far more likely).
These days, we've heard of more than one player dinging the cap, and have even seen posts on the official forms about it. The problem with this though is that it's impossible to know how they hit the cap or when they did it. If you think about it, just farming on normal goods wouldn't make it that hard to hit the cap. If you made 500 gold an hour, it would take roughly 16 days of game time to reach the cap. Yeah, that's a lot, but it's not impossible – roughly about the same amount of time it takes for two or three Level 80s to be leveled up.
But, then this Hit Gold Cap guide was released a few weeks back and everyone is starting to wonder how fast you can really get to the gold cap. After all, if you can hit the gold cap in less than 6 months, why not do it? The math seems to work and if you look at the strategies in T Dub Sanders' guide, you could theoretically get to the gold cap in about a month or so if you worked hard at it each day (which is roughly what he claims).
So, the big question for everyone out there is this – do you need to hit the gold cap and if so, what would be the best way to get there. I'm partial to not spending over 350 hours of my life farming for Titanium and Eternals, but what do you all think?

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Rift Levelling Guide – New Rift Guide Makes Levelling Super Easy On Rift!

If you are looking for some help with levelling up on Rift then this post will help you and give you some guidelines that you can use to make sure that you get a good guide.

Basically Rift can be tough and unless you know what you are doing you will find that it could take ages to level up to the level cap.

There have been some Rift leveling guides released of late and some are actually pretty good.

These are created by the top gamers during the BETA period and then once the game is released you can use them to speed through the game really fast.

Well there is a new one that is causing quite a stir and the difference with it is that it has full step by step videos as well as a complete written leveling guide as well.

The guide is called Rift Supremacy and the videos do not stop there either!

You will also get a complete video guide to the builds in the game and that means that you can quickly get the strongest builds for either Guardian or Defiant and start dominating!

There are quite a few leveling guides out there for Rift at the minute but it is really refreshing to see a guide that gives you videos as this means that they do actually play the game and using the techniques you should be able to dominate!

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Reviewing PC Secrets – What You Can Expect from this New Guide

A few weeks ago, I got wind of a new guide being released by an old acquaintance of mine – Penn Chan. He had been working on it for the last few months and promised that the guide would turn out bigger and badder than any other guide in its class before.

Despite those claims, I really didn't know what to expect, so when I got Penn's new guide on my desktop a few days ago, I had no idea that it would quite literally change how I worked in almost every way.

What's the Guide?

Here's the deal. Penn's Guide, ubiquitously titled "PC Secrets" is a major upgrade from every other guide on the market that claims to make your computer run faster. At a hefty size, and with detailed walkthroughs that contain screenshots all along the way, PC Secrets actually managed to help me get an old clunker PC in my office running at top speed in less than a couple hours.

I didn't think it would have that kind of impact – in fact I was surprised it had any impact at all. But, in just a few short hours, I was running this old junker like it was brand new. Penn's understanding of the PC and how it operates, including what everything you do does to impact the speed, is amazing.

Every change I made had a positive impact and now I'm not only surfing faster than ever before, I'm surfing much safer – with carefully implemented security measures keeping it from slowing down so much in the future.

The Future

Let me tell you. I'll be keeping an updated copy of Penn's guide on my desktop for months to come. This thing is probably going to save me money, because I doubt I'll need a new computer for some time to come.

If your PC is running half speed or worse, check out PC Secrets


Plus Size Lingerie for Today’s Full Figure Woman

Today's full figure woman has more choices when it comes to looking and feeling sexy then ever before. It was not so long ago that a plus-size woman was quite limited in her access to a large selection of comfortable, high quality sexy lingerie. Today there are many options available when shopping for sexy plus size lingerie.

Of course there is the traditional option of finding a brick and mortar store. Once you do that you must go there and hope that they have the items you are looking for in the sizes you require. There are no doubt some very nice stores that you may find but for the large majority of women they will undoubtedly prefer another popular option, shopping online in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Due to the fact that these online stores are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can shop whenever it is convenient for you, not when the hours of the brick and mortar store dictate. Moreover, online stores offer an absolutely huge selection of quality plus size clothing at affordable prices.

Gone are the days of limited choices in hard to access places. So pull up a chair, get comfortable and find yourself the perfect plus size lingerie outfit today.

You can choose from many plus size categories such as, leather lingerie, sexy costumes, sheer lingerie, vinyl lingerie, bridal lingerie and wedding lingerie, baby dolls, corsets, bustiers, teddys, camisoles, sexy bras, sexy thongs and a plethora of other fine lingerie items.

Join the plus size revolution today and slip on something sexy for yourself and your loved one.

Remember that shopping online for sexy plus size lingerie has never been easier or more affordable with so many choices to boot. So what are you waiting for?


Photoshop Tutorial Cool-Warm Sepia

Sepia is a red-brown ink derived from the species Sepia officinalis, a cuttlefish. It was very popular with artists in the nineteenth century…

The sepia tone employed in black and white photography is the result of converting the metallic silver in a photograph to a sulphide.

It not only made the photo more attractive and fashionable, but it also elongated the image's permanence. Today, sepia toning is a term for any monochromatic photo with a brownish tint to make it look old fashioned.

Although true sepia toning renders an overall brownish tint to a black and white photo, we can make it more interesting by combining the silver gray of the high and middle tones of a black and white photograph with the rich warm darks of a sepia toned image.

Click on ImageAdjustmentsDesaturate to change a color picture to gray tones.

Select the Shadows button in the Tone Balance section.

Adjust the Color Levels to give the shadows a rich warm red brown tone. Use these parameters:

Color Levels: 24 / 0 / -24

Select the Highlights button in the Tone Balance section.

Adjust the Color Levels to give the highlights a silvery gray tone. Use these parameters:

Color Levels: -24 / 0 / 24

The sepia tone in the dark areas gives an aged look while the gray values enhance the aerial perspective and add depth to the photo image.

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Photoshop CS Tutorials Options

Once you know the significance of taking lessons on your Photoshop program, then you can begin exploring the many options for you to discover. Here are some of them:

1. Web Page Tutorials

You can utilize web sites that will teach you how to manage Photoshop. With only a small fee you can explore the site and get everything you need to learn.

2. Demo Version

There are also demo editions for Photoshop tutorials that you can download for free. This will consist of very few chapters only. You can use this to appraise the offers of a certain site before paying for the whole package.

3. CD Version

You can also buy the CD to do your Photoshop tutorial even if you are not online.

4. PDF Files

Some web tutorials offer tutorials in the PDF format making them a good choice for people who want a printout for their lessons.

5. Video Tutorials

Photoshop CS video tutorials are a great option for those needing visualization. These tutorials will show you exactly what you need to do and walk you through it.

Photoshop CS tutorials available online offer the best opportunities for people to make the most of their Photoshop program and their Photoshop skills. With these tools, you can become more efficient and creative in your endeavors with this program. Check out what is offered and you will be on your way to mastering Photoshop.

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phone number on my caller ID

Ya know, once—just once!—I would like to see a phone number on my caller ID that wasn't some stranger trying to sell me something or some busybody little PTA mom trying to tell me the very best cupcake recipe for the bake sale. Sure, I know I can turn-off my phone, but people will just leave messages on the voicemail. Ugh, the messages! They go on and on and on and on. And recently someone has been calling and just hanging-up. Of course, caller ID gets the number, but if I don't recognize it, what good does it do? When I call the number, it just rings and rings and rings. Just once, I would like to see that one of my friends had managed to squeeze in a call among all these other characters. And ya know what really kills me about all these calls? Our number is unlisted! Even if your number is unlisted, obviously people can find it. Lots of data collectors have used public information to build databases that contain all your information—not just your telephone numbers and address, but also your credit history, your employment, and other personal data. All kinds of marketers by this information from the data brokers, using it for all kinds of reasons. A reverse telephone number look-up service can help. For just a small fee, you can block access to these data bases. The reverse telephone number look-up services not only give information; they also can keep it confidential. Using the service's privacy protection, you can make sure that no one ever can look at your records or use your personal data for any reason. Check it online today, because your privacy and peace of mind probably are just a few mouseclicks and keystrokes away.

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Paint Like Monet Using Photoshop Paintbrush Tool


Learning to use the paintbrush in Photoshop is easy. You will be creating original works of art within minutes. The Photoshop paintbrush has more uses than you might imagine. When you get good with the paintbrush you will be able to create some awesome graphics.Photoshop has two types of paintbrushes you will be using.


The first type of paintbrush available in Photoshop is the airbrush. This paintbrush tool is very much like using a can of spray paint. It virtually sprays the paint onto the image or canvas. Photoshop gives the user maximum control by allowing you to adjust the diffusion or amount of pain being applied as well as the speed with which it is applied to the canvas. There are also many different brush sizes and shapes you can use.


The paintbrush tool is more like using an actual paintbrush and applying paint by hand. Much like using a real paintbrush the virtual paintbrush in Photoshop applies paint in much more even distribution compared with the airbrush tool.

You will have fun experimenting with the different options available for creating digital works of art using the paintbrush in Photoshop. The best thing about it is that you don't have to worry about mistakes as you would on a traditional canvas using real paint. This is especially true if you are working in layers. If you don't like your results simply delete that layer and try something else.

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One Room Cabin Plans

One room cabin plans are perfect dwelling for small family. They are economical and practical too. Constructing this type of structure is economical because you spend only a little amount of money. Constructing a one-room shelter is practical because effort needed is not that much.

Normally, this structure has attractive and appealing physical appearance. It is one of the classic designs of cabins that remained in demand and popular to homebuilders and homeowners as well.

No level skills required when constructing this type of structure. Basic skills in carpentry are the only requirement in constructing a one-room cabin. This type of dwelling is easy to build.

To avoid delays and interruptions, you need to prepare all building materials, carpentry tools and other construction materials that you might be using during the construction of the structure.

You need to get a good set of one room house plan to build one. If you are able to build a house before, there is no question that you could build a one-room cabin as well. It is of course with the assistance of your family or friends may be.

However, seeking professional homebuilder is necessary if you do not know how to construct the structure. This will give you assurance that the structure will be finished on time and there will be less worry on your part because the plan is performed by a skillful carpenter.

When the structure is complete, you would realize how beautiful a one-room cabin is. Living in this kind of shelter would be an experienced that would last forever.

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Do you want a top quality one-room cabin plan? If yes, feel free to visit the link http://www.cabinplanswithloft.com The site would offer you greater ideas about the product.

Download 15 bunkhouse and small cabin plans

MyShedPlans Review 3

My Shed Plan is a complete guide that explains how you can build a beautiful shed from scratch. Ryan Henderson the writer of the book has given detailed blueprints and step by step instructions that even a beginner can follow. Shed builders can choose from 12,000 shed plans and woodworking patterns.
My Shed Plans New Banner 300x250
Once you sign up you will receive the entire package instantly in the Members' Area via downloads. There are easy to follow instructions provided in the members' area just in case you have never downloaded anything from the internet before. After making the purchase you will get all the shed plans and woodworking blueprints within 5 minutes. This means that you get the product for a lower price as there are no shipping costs. However, if you prefer buying the CD then you can buy that and it will be sent to you via mail.

Woodworking can be time consuming but making the right plans takes even longer. My Shed Plans Elite provide you a wide range of design to choose from and once you have the design you will be able to construct your shed nicely and it will take less amount of time to build it. It keeps all things simple. The aim of My Shed Plans is to make woodworking a fun activity for you. Once you follow Ryan Henderson's instructions making shed will be a less time consuming and more fun thing to do.

Some of the plans include a Garden bench, How to Build a Fence, Dog Kennel, Making an Easy Arbor,, Swing Pet, Nursery Wagon, Doghouse Plans, Outdoor Fireplaces, Feed Cart, Storage Shed for Pesticide and a lot more.

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Every now and then, I wonder what ever happened to the top of my desk. Under all the papers and post-its and notes and expired coupons and junk mail and tear-off sheets from the bills, I should be able to find a nice smooth, shiny slab of solid oak. I know I am! So, every now and then, not because I really have the time, but just because I really cannot stand it any more, I get busy and clean-off all that stuff. I'll bet you already know what I find: Phone numbers. Everywhere, phone numbers. Sometimes with a name; usually just the number. When my children take messages, they don't write-down details; they just write numbers. And I found lots of "800" numbers, too. These numbers must mean something, don't you think? Every one of those phone numbers contains the seed of a relationship—a business connection, a link to the parents of my children's friends, a way to track down my errant teen-agers when they're out too late, maybe even the seeds of a new friendship. All in those numbers. The last time I cleaned-off and organized my desktop, I followed my curiosity about all those phone numbers. Using the reverse telephone number look-up service, I put names and addresses to all those numbers. Sure enough, secreted in all those little scraps of paper, I had an entire personal network. The reverse phone-number look-up service helped me build a directory of all the people with whom I regularly do business, and I put together all of my friends' digits, and I have built a system for keeping track of the kids, and I even found a promising new restaurant…that delivers! Just a little bit of time with the reverse phone number look-up service and I got organized. Best of all, though, I got a life!

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Photoshop CS3 Red Eye Tutorial

The following tutorial will explain how you can take scan photos and digital images and reduce or remove the red eye that may occur when taking pictures. Currently, new cameras and even cheaper ones have technology that already reduce or remove red eye that may case red eye. If you follow the short tutorial below you should be able to remove any harmful red eye within your old or new pictures.

1. Open up Adobe Photoshop CS3

2. Click and hold the bandage icon on the left side of the screen and select the option (Red Eye Tool) that slides out as an extra feature.

3. With the Photoshop Red Eye Tool you get the ability to select the area that you want the red eye tool to look for a circle object that represents the eye.

4. Once you release the area that the eye will be in the program will instantly cover the pupil with a darker color. From close up it may look a little weird but from the original zoom distance it looks good.

5. Now you will do the same for the other eye

6. Now both have been automatically filled by the Red Eye Tool

7. Now you have your finished image

This tutorial is a seemingly easy process to do to any picture that you may have in your possession. Whether you are a mother or a Adobe Guru, you should find this quick tutorial on how to use an old feature in Adobe Photoshop CS3. If you want to be a great Adobe Photoshop user all you have to do is try your best. If you can do this even you can unlock the Adobe guru in you!

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Plus Size Apparel Shopping Tips

Shopping online can be like hitting the jackpot if you are looking for locally hard to find items. Depending on where you live, plus size clothing and apparel can be a tricky item to buy locally, especially if you live in smaller towns and cities.

Many local department stores do carry plus size and full figured items, but the clothing is usually not very flattering, of good quality or the style is out of date. Where to find quality plus size fashions online?

By using a search engine, you can do a search online for plus size clothing or plus size apparel. That's where the headache starts. You will find thousands and thousands of search results to wade through that may or may not be what you are looking for. This can be a frustrating and time wasting experience when all you want is to find that perfect black dress to buy.

A few tips for searching online:

Try to be as specific as you can when doing your searches. Search for terms like black dress plus size or plus size swimsuits.

You can also try an advanced search by placing your search term in quotes like this: "plus size pantsuit". By using quotes with your search terms, the search engine will show you results that have that exact term in their description rather than the words spread out all over the page. That can usually guarantee you'll find a website offering plus size pantsuits.

If you're looking for a specific color, see what happens if you include that in your search term. The term "Navy plus size swimsuit" in quotes can really narrow down the amount of search results you would have to pick through if you just used plus size swimsuit.

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Plus Size Cocktail Dress – Making A Legendary Entrance

So what exactly is a cocktail dress? My mom tells me that a cocktail dress I one that ends around your knees as opposed to being full length. But does it count if it hits mid calf? I have always been confused on this. My mom calls anything around your calf tea length but I think she made this up a long time ago. Or her mom made it up and she just stuck with it.

I looked up cocktail dresses on the internet and they seem to be in all shapes and sizes, they just aren't full length gowns. There is a wide array of things available out there. Cocktail dresses for garden parties, some more appropriate for weddings. I think the word cocktail dress encompasses a lot. I even found websites devoted solely to plus size cocktail dresses, or so they claimed.

I was intrigued when I saw these sites claiming to be devoted solely to plus sizes so I investigated. The do have some very nice things; however you can understand my confusion when I see that half of the models are stick thin. This sight says it caters to plus sizes, leading you to believe that the dresses are for larger women. But then you look at the dress and the girl wearing it can't weigh more than 110 pounds. I admit I am not exactly sure what constitutes a plus size but I am pretty sure it is not a size two.

For some reason I finds this kind of angers me. The culture in the US is one that makes 12 year old girls anorexic and puts 8 year olds on diets. I feel this situation is just another example of what is wrong with our society. A girl goes on a site claiming to cater to people wearing here size, and of course wants to see what the dress will look like on someone like her, only to be confronted with a thin lizzy string back at her. Well I wonder how that makes her feel?


Plus Size Formal Dresses – Elegant Selections

Formal dresses are fun. Everyone likes to get dressed up now and then. To feel beautiful and like you look your best. I even enjoy shopping for formal dresses, as much of a pain as it always turns out to be. I enjoy trying on dresses that are entirely too expensive for me to buy just to see what I look like n a $400 gown. There are some every beautiful dresses out there.

I have a few stores I really enjoy and they are always the first places I go for formal dresses. There is a place in my hometown called Cache that just has some beautiful stuff, though most of it is too expensive. There is also a boutique in Ithaca, NY called Pookie and Sebastian's. I have bought tow formal dresses there, and am still in love with both. Unfortunately they are sitting in my closet waiting for another occasion to be worn and I am terribly afraid that by the time I have another occasion to wear these dresses; I will be too old or overweight to pull them off. I also like to look at the formal dresses in the department stores just for fun when I go shopping. My friends and I oh and aw over the pretty ones and make fun of the ones that we are sure no one will ever buy.

Now the one downfall to formal dresses is that they tend to be very expensive. The department stores are actually probably the best place to look for formal dresses if you are on a tight budget. They also have the benefit that most of them also have plus size formal dresses, whereas many of the boutiques and smaller stores do not stock them for some reason. To me this seems a little unfair but I am sure they have their reasons. I personally can never find anything in the department stores but others seem to have a lot of success, especially if you are looking for a plus size formal dress, or do not have much money to spend.